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Time duration of 15 minutes is planned for each presentation, including questions at the end of each presentation.

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My First Conference

September 28, 2017
Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka
Vukovarska 58, Rijeka, Croatia

Conference Co-chairmen:
Sandra Kvaternik, Fran Torbarina, Natalija Vitali, Marko Čanađija, Vanja Travaš, Goran Vukelić

Organized by:
Faculty of Engineering
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Maritime Studies

Organizing Committee:
Sanja Grbac Babić
Sara Grbčić
Mladen Jardas
Sandra Kvaternik
Tea Rukavina
Fran Torbarina
Natalija Vitali
Andrija Vitlov
Filip Žugčić

Scientific Committee:
Marko Čanađija
Vanja Travaš
Goran Vukelić

 About the conference

My First Conference is a conference organized exclusively for the doctoral students. More ambitious graduate students can also take part.

A suitable conference paper is any paper that can fit within topics of engineering and technology. Although the conference is organized primarily for the students of Faculty of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Maritime Studies of the University of Rijeka, participants from other institutions are also welcome.

Why My First Conference?

1. To provide the feedback to students for their ongoing research. Thus, the presentation should aim at presenting research that is still not finished.
2. The doctoral students will have a possibility to improve presentation skills at a scientific conference at no cost.
3. It will connect young doctoral students from different institutions, and that should result in more interdisciplinary research projects,
4. The international conference environment will be simulated by using the English as the conference language.
5. Most doctoral students must publicly present research results. This presentation can serve for this purpose if the person in charge of your graduate study approves it.

Further Details

There is no registration fee.
A free lunch will be offered to all students presenting their research at the conference.
Each participant will get a DVD with the Book of Extended Abstracts.
The official language of the conference is English.

Important dates

16.6.2017. Registration and submission of abstracts
7.7.2017. Notification of acceptance
8.9.2017. Submission of extended abstracts
28.9.2017. Conference


Please register at: account is required. You can get one at your institution.

*Students who cannot get an account at their institution are invited to use this template for registering and submission of their abstracts. Filled template should be sent to 


Extended abstracts:

All authors are requested to use this template for preparation of the extended abstract.

Extended abstract template


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