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tempusTEMPUS JOINT EUROPEAN PROJECTAdvanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention

The main goal of this project is finding and optimal way for implementing e-learning in the Croatian high-educational system. Additionally, the specific goals in the sense of education, equipment, and e-learning supporting devices are defined for the Croatian high educational institutions. In the consortium there are: University Computing Center in Zagreb (SRCE), Universities of Rijeka, Dubrovnik and i Zagreb, CARNet and MZOS from Croatian side, and 7 universities (Leuven, Porto, Valencia, Vienna, Helsinki, Tallin, Edinburgh) from the European side with rich experience in e-learning application in higher education. The project budget of 500.000,00 Euro covers the organization of workshops and seminars, research visits, equipment and work expenses.
The project duration: 2005-2008.
Project coordinator for University of Rijeka: Assist. Prof. Marta Žuvić-Butorac.
  Tempus projekt: WBC Virtual Manufacturing Network – Fostering an Integration of the Knowledge Triangle
Within this TEMPUS IV project is intended to establish efficient and effective mechanisms and structures of collaboration between key actors for the knowledge triangle (education, research and innovation), in area of virtual development of products and processes, throughout the WBC region – HE institutions, SME enterprises, research and innovation  centers, local and regional authorities.  Project consortium consists of institutions of higher education with the holder of the University of Kragujevac, and the University of Rijeka, Banja Luka, Montenegro , Ljubljana, Padua, in collaboration with recognized research institutions IPU-Institute for Production Engineering Lyngby (Denmark) and C3M-Ljubljana, a significant industry support from the SME sector in terms of successful companies: Elcon Gerätebau Ltd. from the Croatian, SCGM Ltd. from Serbia, Metallic Ltd. from Montenegro and Three Best Ltd. from Bosnia and Herzegovina, the Regional Economic Development Agency of Sumadija and Pomoravlje and two individual experts.
The project duration: 2009-2012.
Project coordinator for the University of Rijeka: Assist. Prof. D. Sc. Zoran Jurkovic.

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