Department of Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering

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Through fusion of the Department of Heat and Cooling with the Department of Heat Engines, the Department of Energy and Energy Plants was founded, which in 1997 was renamed into the Department of Technical Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering and in 2005 into Department of Thermodynamics and Energy Engineering.

The scientific research work of the Department is performed within the scientific fields of Mechanical Engineering and other fundamental Engineering Sciences, the scientific branches of Process Energy Engineering and Marine Engineering as well as of Thermodynamics, Energy Engineering and Environmental Protection. The scientific research work of the Department is the following: research on heat devices, regenerative heat exchangers and heat storages which encompass theoretical and laboratory research of heat and mass transfer, as well as heat transfer during phase change processes; theoretical and laboratory research and optimization of heating and cooling systems, as well as of renewable energy systems; research in the field of refrigeration which embraces compression and absorption cooling devices and heat pumps; research of the influence of wet steam parameters on the erosion process of rotor turbine blades; research of erosion - corrosion in the flowing part of the steam turbine; research of reducing pollution species emission of internal combustion engines while retaining low specific fuel consumption and aiming at the increase of specific power and reliability by sudden overload by a super charged engine; research in the field of marine engineering aiming at the optimization of and the efficient ships power plant control.

The results of the work are evident in numerous papers published in scientific and technical journals and proceedings of international congresses and symposiums held at home and abroad. The scientific research resulted in Master and Doctoral Theses. Professional work is accompanied by scientific research work, and the employees of the Department are engaged in making numerous studies, expertises, permanent educational programs, preliminary, main and feasible projects, whereas a part of these projects are supported with consultations and supervision in the course of their realisation.

The Department was both the organiser or co-organiser of about ten significant national and international scientific meetings. It is to be pointed out that the members of the Department have been engaged in organising the International Scientific Congress Energy and the Environment, which has been biennially held in Opatija.


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