Department of mathematics, physics, foreign languages and kinesiology

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In the framework of the Department of Mathematics, Physics, Foreign Languages and Kinesiology there are following chairs: Chair of Applied Mathematics, Chair head Assist. Prof. D. Sc. Nelida Črnjarić-Žic, Chair of Physics and Environment Protection, Chair head, Prof. D. Sc. Julijan Dobrinić, Chair of Foreign Languages, Chair head Sen. Lecturer M. Sc. Jadranka Braut and Chair of Kinesiology, Chair head Sen. Lecturer Mirko Bađim. The members of the Department have dedicated themselves to the fields of their own interests, as follows. The members of the Chair of Applied Mathematics give lectures on Mathematics at all courses of study carried out at the Faculty. The scientific work is performed in various scientific disciplines which include the numerical solving of partial differential equations and the differential geometry. In addition to that, the members of the Chair collaborate in the scientific projects from the engineering fields. Their additional interest fields are: optimization method, statistical method and operational research. The members of the Chair have given a significant contribution to the education of professors in the fields of mathematics, physics and informatics at the Faculty of Philosophy of Rijeka. The Chair of Physics and Environment Protection performs its teaching and scientific activity from the major field of Natural Sciences in the field of Physics and Engineering Sciences and other fundamental Engineering Sciences. The lectures are given on Physics and Environment Protection. In the Laboratory of Physics and Environment Protection, project researches in the field of Environment Protection are carried out. A laboratory practicum of Physics is going to be established. The Chair of Foreign Languages comprises the course of study of English Language and German Language. Lessons in foreign languages are performed for undergraduate and graduate students for both vocational and university studies of Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture and Electrical Engineering. The Chair has at its disposal one laboratory, where lessons are held, combining lectures and tutorials. The aim of study is to improve verbal and written communication in the respective foreign language and to develop the accomplishments in autonomous learning and in active usage of technical terminology. Tutorials are based on the audio-verbal exercises of defining, classifying, logical interpretation and translation. The members of the Chair are actively concerned with the scientific work and participate in congresses and seminars. In the framework of the Chair of Kinesiology the lessons from the course of lecture Physical and Health Education are held. They are held outside the Faculty edifice i.e. in the sports hall “3. Maj”, in the swimming pool “Kantrida”, on the “Omladinsko” playground and in particular fitness-centres. Elective programs are also foreseen: basketball, football, volleyball, swimming-water polo, athletics and table tennis. The optional programs include skiing, sailing, rowing, hiking, tennis, rafting.

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