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Call for admission of students to postgraduate university (doctoral) study programmes

Postgraduate university (doctoral) study - General info

Selection of applicants for postgraduate university (doctoral) study programme

Postgraduate Doctoral Study - Mechanical Engineering, Naval Architecture, Basic Engineering Sciences and Interdisciplinary Engineering Sciences

Postgraduate Doctoral Study – Electrical Engineering 

Regulations on postgraduate university (doctoral) study programmes

PDS-1 Application for admission to doctoral study programme
PDS-2 European CV form EN
PDS-3 Recommendation for admission to doctoral study programme
PDS-4 Annual work report on the study programme
PDS-5 PhD Candidate’s annual progress report
PDS-6 Request for change of topic or supervisor
PDS-7 Supervisor's or study advisor's annual report
PDS-8 Request for approval of the PhD thesis topic
PDS-9 Evaluation of the PhD thesis topic
PDS-10 Decision on the approval of the PhD thesis topic
PDS-11 Report on PhD thesis evaluation
PDS-12 Request for postponement of the public defence
PDS-13 & 14 Protocol and minutes of the PhD thesis defence

Duration of study
3 years for the full time student 
6 years for the part time student

Enrolment conditions
The candidates that have graduated an adequate universitarian graduate study and gathered at least 300 ECTS points are admitted to the postgraduate doctoral study. Candidates that acquired qualifications in the earlier study programme, i.e., before 2005 are admitted to the postgraduate doctoral study if they graduated an adequate universitarian graduate study. 
For the admission into the first year of doctoral study the candidate has to fill the faculty admission form, enclose two references, give a written statement about reason of enrolment to the doctoral study, enclose an official transcript of the grades, and attend to a conversation with a committee, which the Faculty Council nominated. The written statement of the candidate has to contain a description of his scientific interests, ideas concerning the doctoral study, and reasons why he chose a particular area of research.

Competences and possibilities after the end of the study
With the completion of the study the student will gain the academic degree of doctor of sciences and this will mean that he has various competences: a superior cognizance of a particular scientific field within technical sciences; the capability to conduct original scientific research; excellent comprehension of literature and unsolved problems from a particular area; the ability to invent and conduct a scientific project till its completion, to publish the research results and to present these results to other scientists; the ability to express his opinion in the presence of experts in the research area; the desire to transfer his knowledge and experience to the younger generations of students; extreme criticism in the first place towards his own work, but also towards the work of others; The ability to adapt to the imminent changes.
After the end of the doctoral study numerous possibilities to continue scientific work will present itself, on the Faculty of Engineering or other similar institutions in Croatia and abroad, as well as the possibility to continue education through a postdoctoral study. Also, possibility to find an occupation in the public as well as in the private business sector will appear, in particular in the economical subjects with whom Faculty of Engineering has developed collaboration, as well as in other enterprises in Croatia and abroad.

Academic title
Ph.D. in the area of Engineering Sciences, in the fields of Mechanical Engineering, Shipbuilding or Other Fundamental Engineering Sciences