Graduate University Study of Mechanical Engineering

Head  Assist. Prof. Vladimir Glažar



Two-year study.

Enrolment conditions

The graduate university study programme of Mechanical Engineering can be enrolled after earning the undergraduate university degree in Mechanical Engineering and gaining at least 180 ECTS points. The Faculty Council will decide about the enrolment possibility for those students who finished any other related study.

Competence and qualifications

This study programme offers the specialization in one of the following fields:

  • Construction and Mechatronics
  • Computational Engineering
  • Technological Computational Engineering
  • Industrial Engineering and Management
  • Computer Analysis of Structures and Engines
  • Thermotechnics
  • Process Energy Engineering
  • Marine Engineering
  • Materials Engineering

After finishing the graduate university study programme of Mechanical Engineering students acquire required strict-professional knowledge from the mentioned fields which enables them to perform the most complex engineering tasks based on scientific approach to problem solving. New professional knowledge from the field of mechanical engineering and the ability of its application as well as knowledge and application skill of other professional achievements from the engineering, mathematical and computational field are gained. Capability for permanent education  and self-education, capability for autonomous research and new discoveries, for preparing and carrying out experiments and data evaluation are acquired as well as the knowledge and competences necessary for the design of new systems, components or processes and for the efficient acting as a team leader. The study programme is similar to study programmes at institutions of higher education from abroad meeting the specific demands of the social environment  for which the qualified personnel is primarily trained at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Rijeka. The study programme follows the recommendations of the Bologna Declaration that relate to the way of assuring the quality of study programmes and to the mobility in the course of the study and the procedure of diploma recognition.

Academic title

Master of Mechanical Engineering (mag. ing. mech.).