Graduate University Study of Electrical Engineering

Head  Assist. Prof. Vedran Kirinčić



Two-year study.

Enrolment conditions 

The graduate university study programme of Electrical Engineering can be enrolled after earning the undergraduate university degree in Electrical Engineering and gaining at least 180 ECTS points. The Faculty Council will decide about the enrolment possibility for those students who finished any other related study.

Competence and qualifications 

This study programme offers the specialization in one of the following fields: 

  • Automation

  • Electric Power Systems

Students gain necessary professional knowledge from the mentioned fields which enables them for performing professional as well as scientific tasks from the domain of electrical engineering. The graduate student must be capable of carrying out researches on his own. He may be engaged not only in problem solving of existing systems but also in designing of new systems, components or processes under given conditions. He must also be able to act both as a leader and as a member of a group or a researching team. The study programme follows the recommendations of the Bologna Declaration that relate to the way of assuring the quality of the study programmes and to the mobility in the course of the study and the procedure of diploma recognition.

Academic title 

Master of Electrical Engineering (mag. ing. el.)