Graduate University Study of Computing

Head  Assoc. Prof. Mladen Tomić


Duration of study

Two-year study

Enrolment conditions

Admission to the Graduate Programme in Computer Engineering is open to persons holding an Undergraduate Programme degree in information technology or electrical engineering with at least 180 ECTS credits. Persons holding a degree in related undergraduate study programmes at other faculties and universities can also apply for admission. In this case additional admission criteria may be prescribed. The student selection procedure is based on the grade point average from an undergraduate study programme. 

Competence and qualifications 

Graduate Programme in Computer Engineering covers large parts of key information and communication technologies used in today's society based on information. The overall aim of the programme is to provide students with knowledge and skills required in industry as well as to prepare them for acquisition of new knowledge and skills in understanding, designing and controlling digital technology. Upon completion of the programme the student will be able to actively participate in different sectors of modern society in which computer science represents added value and improves the quality of life like industry, private and public sector, banking, entertainment, transportation, energy sector, environment preservation etc. The student will favour interdisciplinary approach searching for innovative solutions in system integration and information processing problems. He will autonomously design and control systems, analyse problems and propose solutions during hardware and software development and networking. He will efficiently use modern tools and apply them to complex engineering problems. The student will acquire necessary knowledge and skills to design system components and processes for specific areas. The student will have particular regard to and be aware of the importance of human values during the course of the studies and afterwards. Through team work in various projects and through relationships with professors, researchers and industry the student will acquire general interpersonal skills.

Academic title 

Master of Computer Engineering (mag. ing. comp.).