Undergraduate University Study of Electrical Engineering

Head  Assist. Prof. Vedran Kirinčić


Duration of study

Three-year study

Enrolment conditions

The undergraduate university study of Electrical Engineering can be enrolled after attaining secondary school qualification in the four year period. Enrolment to the study will be conducted through the National Information System Applications for Higher Education Institutions (NISpVU), which is accessed through the website The number of enrolment places is limited by quotas regulated by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. During the classification enrolment procedure, general secondary school achievement including secondary school diploma as well as national final exam and the marks in mathematics and physics are evaluated. 

Competence and qualifications 

After completing the undergraduate university study programme of Electrical Engineering, the student possesses fundamental knowledge in mathematics, physics, electrical engineering and computer application. Furthermore, the student knows how to prepare and perform an experiment or specific measurements, and how to deal with and interpret the results. The student is capable of identifying, formulating and solving the problem. He is good at using the modern engineering devices and at solving the wider spectrum of engineering tasks. He must be given the opportunity to specialize in a certain field. The student is able to work in a multidisciplinary group to understand the importance of efficient communication when solving a specific engineering problem. During his work he respects both professional and ethical canons and the environmental protection. The graduate student of this study is capable of getting involved into permanent education and professional development and possesses comprehensive education (knowledge of non-engineering topics).     

Academic title 

University Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (univ. bacc. ing. el.)