Undergraduate University Study of Computing


Duration of study

Three-year study.

Enrolment conditions

The undergraduate university study of Computer Engineering can be enrolled after attaining secondary school qualification in the four year period. Enrolment to the study will be conducted through the National Information System Applications for Higher Education Institutions (NISpVU), which is accessed through the website The number of enrolment places is limited by quotas regulated by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. During the classification enrolment procedure, general secondary school achievement including secondary school diploma as well as national final exam and the marks in mathematics and informatics are evaluated. 

Competence and qualifications 

Undergraduate university study programme of Computer Engineering provides for fundamental accomplishments in the field of Computer Engineering, necessary for education continuation at the graduate university study of Computer Engineering or for doing corresponding professional jobs in the fields of applied information and communication activities.
The study will train students for graduate university study of Computer Engineering and will offer opportunities to find appropriate professional jobs. While doing so, the focus will be on the development of the specific competences from the field of computer science. Apart from that, the essential part of the competences refers to the accomplishments necessary for computer science application in other fields, to be more exact, for collaborating and giving assistance to professionals from other fields in solving computer application problems. It can be partly achieved by developing corresponding generic competences and partly by specific competences for computer support in the fields of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, naval architecture, medicine, depending on the student choice. The specific competence level will be reduced to basic accomplishments and skills sufficient enough both to comprehend requirements pertaining to these areas and to implement solutions aided by hardware and software. Expertness and accomplishments in mathematics will be functioning as tools for the basic profession of computer science and its application. Competences in the English language will be indispensable since English is the dominant language both in communication and professional literature. The qualified student can be competently integrated into continuing and professional promotion and will possess broader education (knowledge of issues beyond the reach of engineering topics).
The study sheds special light on acquiring general competences as: capacities for organizing and planning, knowledge of second language, the basic capabilities of computing, analyzing and presenting the information, ideas, problems and their solutions both to professionals and common people as well as solving of known problems (from the study field). The student will be capable of integration into a team work, communication with experts from other fields while respecting the codes of ethics and work quality, flexible adaptation to new situations and also independent work on minor or major project within the team.

Academic title 

University Bachelor of Computer Engineering (univ. bacc. ing. comp.).