Undergraduate Vocational Study of Electrical Engineering


Duration of study
Three-year study.

Enrolment conditions

Enrolment conditions
The undergraduate vocational study programme of Electrical Engineering can be enrolled after attaining secondary school qualification in the four year period. Enrolment to the study will be conducted through the National Information System Applications for Higher Education Institutions (NISpVU), which is accessed through the website number of enrolment places is limited by quotas regulated by the Ministry of Science, Education and Sport. During the classification enrolment procedure, general secondary school achievement including secondary school diploma as well as national final exam and the marks in mathematics and physics are evaluated.

Competence and qualifications
The undergraduate vocational study programme of Electrical Engineering aims to train professionals from the field of electrical engineering which will be able to participate in designing and construction of elements of power systems or telecommunication devices, systems and networks, depending on the chosen group of the elective subjects.

Academic title 
Bachelor of Electrical Engineering (bacc. ing. el.).